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Old 12-28-2017, 10:14 AM
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Default This one fell through the crack....Vintage Marantz 150 in the house

Ever since I was a kid, I had a hankering for Marantz gear. My first "real" stereo component was a Marantz 1030 integrated amplifier. I still have that amp, which I bought in 1972
at the age of 14. Later, I owned a model 105B tuner.

One of the local audio showrooms was practically my second home, where I marveled at the gorgeous line of Marantz receivers-the 2215, 2230, 2245 and 2270. Then of course was the
revered model 19, which had the built-in oscilloscope.

But I was always steered more toward the separate components rather than receivers. The top Marantz tuner offering during that period was the model 150, a gorgeous, high performance
model with a large, built in oscilloscope. I always wanted one, but could never afford it. $600 was a pretty stout price for a tuner in the mid-1970's.

To this day, off and on I browse the pages of eBay, looking at the various vintage Marantz components up for sale. Last March, a pristine model 150 tuner, the rarer version with the "blue"
oscilloscope appeared. The unit was in nearly like-new condition, with a nice reproduction cabinet offered as part of the sale.

Being the Vintage guy that I am, (perhaps especially when it comes to tuners) I grabbed it. This beauty is now on duty in my office system. It looks and sounds great; I can see why it was
sought after back in the day.

My McIntosh MR74 Tuner is now on duty in my bedroom theater system, where the McIntosh MX120 replaced the MX117 Tuner-preamp in that system.

The Marantz 150 looks and sounds right at home in my office system.
The oscilloscope is very cool and interesting to watch, displaying tuning, signal strength, stereo separation and phase. It can be used to display all of the system's signal sources' characteristics.


No. 35

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Florida Room/Art Studio System: Pioneer PL-L1000 TT/Audio Technica ATS52W2, McIntosh: MR77, C32, MC2205; Crown Power Line Four, Wyred for Sound DAC-2 Digital to Analog converter, Soundcraftsmen AE2000 Eq, JBL 4313B's, JBL 2241-based Sub, JBL BX63A Active Crossover, Oppo BDP-105D Blu-Ray Player, Samsung 5500 Series 32" Smart TV, Terk AF-1 Powered Antenna

Master Bedroom System: McIntosh: MX120 Theater processor, MC206 6-channel amplifier; MR74 AM/FM Tuner, Oppo UDP-203 4K Blu-ray player, JVC HM-DH40000U D-Theater Digital VHS, Phase Technology PC80 Towers (now used as stands), (2) JBL 4401's, (1) JBL Studio 6IW speaker, (2) JBL Studio 6IC speakers, Sony XBR-49X900E UHD TV, Panamax 1000 Line Conditioner, (2) JL Audio E110 Subwoofers, Wireworld Solstice speaker cables, Wireworld Aurora Power cords, Wireworld Equinox and Solstice speaker cables and various other flavors of Wireworld and Audioquest cabling

Office System: Marantz 150 Tuner, Crown DL 2, Crown EQ 2, Crown SA 2, Crown D-75A (as headphone amp), McIntosh MCD7009 (as transport), DBX 3BX Series II, Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray player, JBL 4401's, JL Audio E112 Subwoofer, Samsung 5500 series 32" Smart TV, Wire World Oasis audio interconnects, Wire World Solstice speaker cables, Wyred for Sound DAC-2 DSDse Digital to Analog converter, Wireworld Starlight Coaxial Digital Interconnect, Sennheiser HD800 Headphones, Sennheiser HDVA600 Headphone amp, Wireworld Silver Eclipse Balanced Interconnects, Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB Cable

High Resolution Source: HP Omen 17" Gaming Laptop

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Default This one fell through the crack....Vintage Marantz 150 in the house

WoW Pete, nice tuner!
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I love these type of stories of wanting something probably unaffordable at one time and having a second chance later on.

It definitely makes you feel good.

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Old 12-28-2017, 11:06 AM
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Thanks Pete, that’s a beautiful tuner.
"Have you seen the stars tonight?"
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I love the look and feel of the 70’s era Marantz pieces especially the horizontal tuner wheel. I used to own one of their receivers back in the day. Very, very special. Great find.
Accuphase E-650; Lumin A1; Tannoy Canterbury GR
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Old 12-28-2017, 11:28 AM
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Beautiful piece. I love the oscilloscope on my 108T, but it lacks the vintage appeal of your piece.

Long live FM! Listening to one of my favorite show tonight.
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Rental (while the room is being built): Accuphase E650 replaces the C3800 and A200s. All of the other stuff above that's usable, except the turntable stuff. Using TAD CR-1s, rather than the R-1s.

Portables and Cans:

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Very nice
Roger - San Francisco Bay Area

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Nice grab Pete way like new congrats...!
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Analog Rig
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Misc Build Features
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Pete.......Such a fine looking vintage tuner. Considering its age, it is in excellent condition. May it serve you well for many years.

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Pete...congratulations on the purchase of a nice vintage unit.

I have the same weak spot for Yamaha silver faced gear from the late 70's to mid-80's. Here is my Yamaha CR1020:

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