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Default A revised assessment

"Quick listens" can be deceptive. I'd said in an earlier post that I noted no significant performance differences between the single 244 centered in front of the dresser and a pair of 224s separated by a few inches from each other so their outer edges were closer to their respective speakers' inner edges.

Long-term listens comparing the two configurations knock that initial assessment into a cocked hat. There is a difference...and while not earth-shaking, it isn't subtle.

The bottom line is that the separated-224 placement elicits more overall detail, more impactful, better-defined bass (thereby lending more foundational weight to a given performance), and a somewhat greater sense of intra-soundstage space (assuming that the performers haven't been hard-panned into the confines of one speaker or the other).

In this instance--and I put it that way because I consider my experience as descriptive of a particular setup rather than one-size-fits-all prescriptive--it appears that the separated-panel placement more effectively mitigates the SBIR presented by the dresser than the single 244 which leaves a larger reflective surface immediately adjacent to each speaker.


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