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Originally Posted by Cohibaman View Post
Congrats! It's all about compromise, isn't it?
Thanks, cohibaman.

And yes on "compromise". I'm very lucky. When I started this mission-creep project, I didn't think I was going to get past the wall 244s and Monsters--and even that was a crap shoot. I was lucky because I had main-system traps I could cannibalize to demo the improvement rendered by a basic corner/wall setup. It was step-by-step from there to the first reflection point and then the second. And quite honestly, I think it's when she saw beach towels she'd just laundered hanging from the dresser's top drawers that she just gave up. Hence the 224s fronting the dresser.

What's good about it is that she likes what she's hearing even if Stonehenge Modern isn't quite what she'd envisioned as the room's motif.


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