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I received an SA-10 last week. I have been using a Wyred4Sound DAC which has the latest update including the ESS 9038PRO chip along with the old Marantz Reference, the SA-7S1. The SA-10, however, has taken things to a much higher level. It's more musical, precise, clean, realistic. Sibilance I thought was from the music is much reduced or gone. By far the best my CD's, SACD's and music files have sounded. Very happy with it and it will stay in my system

Downsides? Not many. Though the construction is very solid, it is a step down from the SA-7S1. The buttons on the front have a decent feel to them but are not near the same quality as on the earlier unit. I rarely use them however since the remote is much more convenient. I don't judge a component on its weight, but Marantz makes a deal about the copper construction and its heft, but it weighs close to ten pounds less than the SA-7S1. The disc tray is very smooth though it doesn't seem as solidly constructed as the 7S1. I've had the 7S1 for close to 10 years and it works as well as when it was brand new. Amazing unit. I'm hoping the SA-10 proves to be as reliable.
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