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Originally Posted by Dawgneck View Post
Question, Randy:

I have a local dealer who has a good deal on a 32se. He states the 32se sounds warmer in the midrange, compared to the 52se.

Did you audition/research the 32se before purchasing the 52se? If so, what did you learn about the sound differences?

Can you share anything else about the differences between the two?


I went straight to the VK-52SE without auditioning a VK-32SE. Which tube configuration does the dealer unit have? It can be (1) 6C19, (2) 5881, or (3) 6H30. The VK-52SE has 6H30's and I love the way that midrange sounds, which I would put at a tick towards the warm side from neutral. For me, I would not want it any warmer, but that is intensely subjective and YMMV.

Based on reading specs and history, I am going to guess that the VK-52SE has more reserve current and therefore a more "effortless" sound (mine is liquid, I love it), but you have to take that with a grain of salt because I have not actually heard a VK-32SE. I based that assumption of the second generation oil in paper capacitors in the VK-52SE.

Sorry I am not being much help. After hearing the VK-600SE amp (I was enthralled) and being unable to afford a REX preamp, I just went as high as I could go, which was the VK-52SE.
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