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My name is Ray. I have 7 posts to go before I'm able to modify my signature....

I finished today's listening session.

The 600se is incredible! A perfect amp for the type of music I listen to (mostly jazz, vocals, neo-soul & organ pipes). The difference in the mids and highs is astounding. It doesn't matter if the 600 is driven directly by sources or by the VK-5i, the music sounds natural.

In comparison, the Krell can get a bit harsh in the upper freqs when driven directly by my sources. It sounds fine when its hooked to the VK-5i. My ears say the Krell handles the bass a little better/different, but I want to complete further comparisons before offering a conclusion on the bass.

I prefer the VK-5i feeding the sources to the amp. I'm not ready to abandon my Onkyo T-9090 tuner either so my search for a 52se continues.

I heard the 600se runs hot.... You guys don't know what hot is until you run a Krell! The 600se runs ice cold in comparison. It's only warm to the touch - I can't touch my Krell after 15 minutes.

I can't wait to get the 52se on this baby!
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