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Do you mind telling us your first name?

I am a big believer in preamps instead of direct feeding the source to the amp. I know the straight wire with gain theory, but I think the preamp controls the low voltage of the source in a way that one hears. In my system, the addition of the VK-52SE added width to the sound stage and a much more organic feel to the music. I lost a trace of bass control over what the Wyred 4 Sound STP had provided, but obtained a far more lifelike mid-range.

Congrats on the VK-600SE! Effortless, seemingly infinite power. It is a beast. By the way, mine made a large leap in performance by putting it on an amp stand with some vibration control. Mine is just a heavy white maple stand on spikes, but it really helped. The upgrade path will add a Symposium Svelte Plus pad at some point.
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