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You are right, Randy: BAT's website does not have the new amp listed.

Victor mentioned it during a telephone conversation yesterday and it shocked me. He said they'll update the website but didn't mention when. Perhaps after their dealers get a chance to empty their stash of 600's?

I would've purchased the 600SE anyway but I wish I'd known beforehand... I could've used that info during my negotiations on the 600SE.

Anyway, I picked up my amp yesterday (a 10-hr round trip drive), swapped out the Krell a few hours ago and I'm listening to music now!

I love this amp! It sound goods with the VK-5i and directly fed by my Logitech Transporter.

Now I'm contemplating keeping the VK-5i or using the Transporter or Mark Levinson no39 CD player/DAC to feed the 600SE.

What are your thoughts on buying the 52SE or using the Transporter/ML 39?
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