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Default Prime vs. Prime Scout?

Has anyone had an opportunity to compare the Prime and the Prime Scout? I'm currently in the market for a new turntable and I'm wondering if the advantages to the prime are worth the extra price. My understanding is that the motors are identical and both the tone arm and platter on the Prime Scout can be updated to the models used on the Prime. At that point, is it only the plinth that remains different?

I'm coming from a VPI Traveler so either of these is going to be a solid upgrade for me. I like the idea of going all in for the Prime; but, the clear upgrade path from the Prime Scout gives me some nice, lower cost options to cure the upgrade itch in the future.

Since I'm sure it's going to be asked: phono stage will be the stage in a McIntosh C1100 (that should arrive here in a week!). Power amp is an MC452 and the speakers are TBD pending my shopping (Sonus Faber and Revel are the top two brands I'm exploring right now).
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