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Originally Posted by David S. View Post
I find this sentence more than a bit interesting: "Though its stereo imaging wasn't quite up to the holographic standard set by the Aerial 5Ts, the 805 D3s offered astonishing clarity in the midrange and treble."

I haven't heard the 805 D3s or the Aerial 5Ts, but did own the Nautilus 805, and had heard earlier versions of the Aerial 5... Has the imaging of the 805 gotten poorer, or have the Aerials simply improved that much?? My Nautilus 805s were pretty spectacular in that respect.
I would typically say this is likely a room interaction issue... however since it is JA, I would have to assume that the guy has the room dialed down.

I am very sensitive to sibilance, I will listen to the 805d3 again... I have not noticed it to be particularly of an issue on my 802D3.
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