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Originally Posted by ctsooner View Post
I've spoken to Alex a couple of times as well as others who have heard it. That's the only reason I sold my Empirical OSDE/SE. that was the best DAC I've ever heard under 15k and it's not close. Many feel the same about it. I love Ayre gear other than a piece or two, so I'm assuming the DAC will be special. It's not their statement piece since it's a 5 series, but it should sound great with my AX-5/Twenty. Learning so much about digital. I have decided that I'm getting the QNAP 471 and running Roon core and most probably the HQPlayer after reading up on them.
I know they say HQPlayer sounds good upconverting to LPCM. But wouldn't a DAC that does Native DSD be a better option if you are going to do HQPlayer? Native DSD 256 or better.

Otherwise I'd let the Ayre do it's magic on Red book. It's filters are top notch as it is.
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