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Originally Posted by Cobra2 View Post
I tried 6N6P in a VK-32SE, and liked them! Even as a mix of 2 x 6N30H & 2 x 6N6P worked great.

Arne K
This might not be a good idea. I presume you put a mix in the same channel. The way the tubes are configured, it will mean very different currents for the two tubes in the diff stage - not a desirable thing, plus there will be much more stress on the plate loading resistors working with the 6H30 tube, perhaps even over-stressing them.

Just putting in the 6H6 tubes is fairly safe, but the electrical performance will suffer, and the tubes will most likely run with positive grids - not something recommended.

Of course - the proof is in the sound, and if you like it - that is probably all that matters!
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