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Originally Posted by scirica View Post
My dealer just told me my order is in for Mahogany Salon 2's and a Voice 2 CC. I thought he was waiting for my money but apparently he knows me well enough that once they arrive I'd have my checkbook ready!
Wow, you didn't keep the Bryston's long. What prompted the upgrade? You even opted for the custom rosewood finish on them

I suspect the Bryston's are good value in their dollar range but probably can't run with the big boys where everything is built from the ground up not simply developing drivers and possibly crossovers???? for a pre existing cabinet from another manufacturer.

My dealer recently picked up the Revel line, hopefully one day he will get the Salon2's so I can see and hear what all the fuss is about Even getting in the Studio2 I suspect would portray a good sense of what the Salon2's can do. He's got either the F206's or 208's in now. I really like the wood veneer finish on those.
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