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Originally Posted by mdavis View Post

A while ago an audiophile buddy of mine noticed that my system wasn’t as detailed as it should be (he thought it was too vailed). It was kind of hard for me to accept but, he was right. This lead me to challenge my preconceptions and explore things out of my comfort zone. This journey was centered around getting the best sound from my Magico S3 speakers.

Fast forward to this past weekend, having had the Pass amps in my system for about a month and a half, my system is FINALLY delivering what I expected or hoped for. The final piece of the puzzle was finding synergistic speaker cables. So, I found a used pair of MIT Matrix HD38 cables and installed them on Saturday. The result was an almost overwhelming rush of additional musical information. Soundstage extends well beyond the boundary of my room (making my room sound much larger than it is); extending as far forward or behind the speakers as the music demands.

Perhaps the most important revelation is that I understand the intent and emotion of the music much better now. I would often read how someone got goosebumps when a singer sang a certain verse and now my system is finally causing me to have similar reactions to the music. I can now really sense the care that the artists employed to communicate their craft.

This discovery happened because of me trusting the ears of my friend and following many of you all on this forum and the great advice posted on these pages. So, thank you for helping me get a lot closer to where I want to be. This journey can be terribly frustrating but, when we get closer to where we want to be it all seems more than worth the effort.

Congratulations, sounds like you made some good choices and are able to realize the reward. I am envious.
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