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With more fiddling around with Pen Blanks, I have noticed that using larger bits of wood which are called "Knife Scales" (1" by 1.5" by either 4.5" or 5" these are the whole version. they also come in sliced in half 'matching pair style, but I use the uncut type. Sadly, Knife Scales are not in as many types of wood as pen blanks.)
The pen blanks work well to play with to decide if that kind of wood is the best sounding.. But once you know which kind you want, moving up to the larger blocks, (Knife Scale) size actually offers a tiny bit more of what you found good with the pen blank. (To me the main improvements with the pen blank is clarity increase WITHOUT cost on the mids. which is the usual tradeoff on clarity gains, then the larger Knife Scale adds a bit more tho the midrange and bass)) All sort of like getting better tubes.. for you tube mavens.

If I continue.. the next size will be 'Bowl Blanks"(square) or "spindles" which are longer.

Added a few hours later... Well the Knife Scales are too much directly under the Threshold FET TEN up against metal bottom. (The FET TEN preamp is on top of the Threshold FET TEN phono box, which is still up on four Knife Scales.) (too much for my apartment) I noticed in the bathroom the bass reverberating. A bad sign (just for me) that my speakers bass is managing to go through walls. For any normal (not in a over 55 complex) most folks would be going hey great more bass! NOT me. I had to remove one set of the Knife Scales and go back to the Pen blanks. Which solves the problem!
Bummer for me in one way. Really great in another as this expereince is a total fact the Knife Scales give more bass than the same wood as a pen blank.
Progress. Learning something more...
Acquired some Cocobolo Knife Scales. Had to file them a lot. due to uneven sizing. Actually bought a new file!. Added them under the amplifier. Better than the African Blackwood there. Sweeter sound. Listening the Smetana Quartet Beethoven quartets... Violins remind me of Oscar Shumsky... He played the sweetest violin!! , not so much more bass (as with the African Blackwood.) So the Cocobolo Knife Scales are a keeper there! I ordered a few more. So far the African Blackwood, and Cocobolo are the woods of choice in the Knife Scale size..

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