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Default A Celebration of Life for Mr. Tiger

Mr. Tiger (to those not on a first name basis with him) was born in October of 2006. Unfortunately, the ravages of time and age catch up with all of us at some point and for Tiger (to those of us on a first name basis), that day is today. All dogs have their best characteristics, for Tiger it was (and still is for a bit longer) his sweetness, niceness and love of good jazz (with a strong preference for tubes). Over the last few months Tiger developed a really horrible case of megaesophagus for which there is no cure and for those of you unfortunate enough to know what megaesophagus is, Tigerís is about the most extreme it can get. Tiger is too good to let suffer any longer so in about an hour, a vet who is a friend is coming over to my house to help Tiger start his next journey, while listening to some of his favorite music.

Farewell old pal.[ATTACH]
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