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Originally Posted by Formerly YB-2 View Post
If you are not opposed to another manufacturer, you might consider a Bryston BP-25 preamp. Dead quiet with a separate power supply.
Originally Posted by Beet Farmer View Post
Comment on the Bryston. I own a Bryston BP-26 and find it to be close to that ideal of 'straight wire with gain'. I also have a bunch of other preamps. The Bryston has repeatedly surprised me with its clarity and great performance as I have upgraded other bits of gear.
TAS has finally recognized the goodness and given the Bryston BP-26 a'recommended' rating. (I am not claiming it is the ops answer. just responding to the comment about the Bryston preamp.
Hi Formerly YB-2 and Beet Farmer,

Thank you for the suggestion. I believe that the Bryston lacks a Home Theater Bypass unless I am mistaken. The Preamp is intend for usage for both stereo audio as well as for being incorporated into my 7.2.4 Home Theater.

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