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Originally Posted by djwhog View Post
Terry, very nice, love all the details, great job, love the upgrades too, but it was nice before as well, in fact fantastic!

Congrats... well done

Hi Dave,

I think it's much more interesting when we can include the detailed images/pictures on a post.
Text to me just does not really give the readers a true look if you will on what's being done and or changed.
It is very time consuming to do what I do with the pictures but what the heck I'm retired so I have the time.

Things are so far looking good and now I'm on hold until I hear back from my A/V Dealer.

Oh, thanks for dropping by and checking things out.


Up-Dated August 27th 2019

Pre-Amp: Marantz AV8805
Blu-Ray Player: Panasonic UB9000 4K Blu-ray player
Roku Ultra 4K Streaming Player
Projector: JVC RS4500 Laser
Screen: Stewart (Firehawk) 1.35 gain 123" 16x9 W/4-Way Remote Masking
Speakers: JM Lab Utopia Mezzo Front, Center Utopia, Side Utopia, Rear Mini Utopia
Subwoofers: 4-Mirage BPS400 sitting on 4 "Auralex Great Gramma" pads
Cables: Transparent TW Plus w/Plus Bricks
Amps: Classe', 2-CA201, 3-CAM350
Power Conditioners: 1-Richard Gray RGPC-1200S, 7-RGPC-400S
Panamax MB1500 Back up Power Unit for JVC RS4500
Cooling: 3-sets of Z-Fans, Cool-Stack I, Suncourt Variable Speed Thru Wall Fan
ATM (Active Thermal Management)
Mid Atlantic: Track 50" rack slide out
Sanus CFR1620 Rack W/Middle Atlantic 4-Post H/D Shelves
Room Acoustic: Acoustic Innovations panels
Seating: Ekornes Stressless Wave
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