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There were six people present when Dan D’Agostino progression has arrived. Two audiophiles (one has 30 years of experience in this hobby, second - former musician and vinyl lover), two guys - father (former radio equipment engineer) and his son (music lovers who sell the equipment (mostly setups McIntosh and Sonus Faber), me and one of my friends. And while Dan D’Agostino equipment was reaching room temperature. Serious discussion has started.
The two from first mention above group insisted that Progression will make big difference comparing to McIntosh, the second group was stating that money was wasted and we will not hear any big difference compearing to McIntosh MC52 and pair of MC601.
Avoiding descriptions of technical discussion (especially that MC52 is designed by Lyngdorf inside and is the best in the class) the main argument of McIntosh guys was that the most improvement I received from Wilson Audio Alexx speakers and there will not be noticeable improvement with Progression.
So, having both equipment we started the series of short tests:
1. MC52+pair of MC601 (photo 1);
2. MC52+progression monos (photo 2)
3. All Progression preamp and pair of monos (photo 3)
To be continued....

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Analog: McIntosh MT10 with SME V tonearm and Van den Hull Colibri XGP Gold MC cartridge which is paired with McIntosh MP1100 phonopreamp;
Digital:modified Mac mini as Roon server with Uptone JS-2 Linear Power Supply which is connected to Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB with Curious USB cable and then by Transparent Audio 110ohm Premium AES/EBU cable to Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference series 2;
BD/SACD/CD player OPPO 205 (which also works as home theatre processor),
Preamp:Dan D’Agostino Progression preamp,
Amplifiers: 2 Dan D’Agostino Progression monoblock power amps,
Speakers: Wilson Audio Alexx,
Power unit: Nordost QBase Qb8 Mark II, QKore 6 earth unit
Audio Cables: Transparent Audio G5 Reference SC and balanced IC, the rest are all G5 Ultra
Power Cables: OMVLabs, Nordost

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