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OMG, he's soooo cute. What a wondeful story, Dan.

I can only imagine how mischievous he is getting. You could rename him "Keke" after the Finnish F1 driver, Keke Rosberg. Just a thought!

After Lucky's passing in January (sniff! ), I adopted two kittens from the Dublin SPCA in mid-August: Ringo, male, who was 4 mos. old at the time, and Aga, who was 3 mos. old. Ringo is a sleek muscular male black leopard. Aga is a slender black and white "tuxedo" cat that was originally named Agnes, but she's too classy for that, so I named her Aga after the pro Czech tennis player, Aga (Agnieska) Radwanska, as Aga Cat is slender but athletic like Aga Radwanska, but also has a TON of personality.

Here's Aga when she was about 3 1/2 months old...sitting in the Giottos table top studio light box....

And that rascal Ringo getting in the act...

They've been growing up FAST....witness this photo from a week or so ago of Aga sleeping in my desk chair...

And Ringo, sitting on top of the Epson office printer. He used fit on this, but is getting too big now (BTW, he's allowed up on the ledge this printer is on, but NOT the kitchen counter in the background).

Ringo's jumping and athletic abilities are going off the charts, and he is constantly getting into mischief.

But it's wonderful having them around.
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