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Originally Posted by BWB75 View Post
Regarding the Ultima2 Studio2s in my room, yes.

On decision day we auditioned Wilson Yvette and something else... Sabrina maybe? Also B&W 800D (the big ones), and McIntosh's own speakers. Since we've known for a long time that this day would come, we have also paid attention to a long list of speakers over the last few years, especially Sonus Faber and B&W.

Based on this experience, I could easily and confidently repeat everything in that sentence about the speakers I have heard and the Revel Ultima2s now in my living room.

The difference was stark, and the choice was a no-brainer. My wife was with me for the listening sessions, and she was equally firm on the choice.

It was kind of fun, really. We had listened to two sets of Wilsons and the B&Ws. She went for some sandwiches while I auditioned the McIntosh speakers, then the Revels. When she got back we ate our sandwiches and then went back into the listening room. I watched her face do exactly the same thing mine had done, and almost as quickly.

It's like this, for me: They are more like ancient mystical totems than transducers. With little to no movement visible from the listening position (I see well, thank you), the room is taken over by live music. Instead of moving air, these totemic pillars magically conjure the spirits of the performers, who then perform live just for me.


Exactly how Id put it. I adore mine too. Sublime.
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