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Sure my pleasure. If you do the back I would recommend adding a brace similar to the stock design. Altec recommended bracing panels over 3 sq. ft to divide the panel into 2 smaller panels. Diagonally if ~square. If the aspect ratio is < 3:4 then divide the larger dimension into 2 smaller pieces. They recommend 1" x 2" brace glued and screwed on edge.

FYI. I didn't do my braces on edge but they were nice maple pieces (hard!)

Also, the secret sauce is to use hide glue...

Originally Posted by CFz View Post
That is some great advice. I was going to see my options regarding the existing back panel and didn't want to drill it, as I'd like to keep it original. Now that I know I can move the wire connector easily, I'll look into that.

It sounds like a sonic benefits can be had from doing relatively minor things like a baltic birch back panel, interior support brace, blue jeans insulation, brass screws, and not to mention the stand. Thanks for all the info on this and the Vintage Codex thread!
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