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Originally Posted by MainAnalog View Post
Driving my 1 year old Revels's is my never cleaned out Integrated amp (Mark Lev No.383). Never thought of using compressed air. It's almost 10 years old so I bet there are some dust bunnies hidden in there. But - Kinda concerned it would force the dust into the wrong crevices. Anyone have any advice here? System works leave it alone or - blow it out and it will be slightly better ... Thanks
I would take the top off, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment (and any other attachments you can use to get to nooks and crannies) to suck out the bulk of the dust and then blow it out. You can use a shop vac for both purposes (reverse to blow). Never a bad idea to pull connectors and re-seat them to clean contacts either. Just be careful to not damage pins or reverse the seating. I had a bad tech mess up a power amp for me once doing that.

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