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Dan...I have actually listened to both at the same dealer with same equipment and you will be surprised that the difference between the two is minimal. The V3s do go a bit deeper in the bass but marginally so. The V2 has trickle down drivers and construction from the M5 which the older V3s do not have. In my listening sessions I actually preferred the V2s. They were a bit more musically engaging than the V3s, which I found to be a bit more analytical/sterile. Overall, I am not a fan of the Magico sound. I feel they are audiophile speakers, meaning they do all the things that audiophiles look for (highly resolved, very transparent, image great, throw a wide and deep soundtage, etc...) but when you add it all up, for me, they never got me involved with the music. On a relative basis however, the V2s did so more than the V3s. YMMV. My dealer carries the entire Magico line and they will be demoing the new Q5 speaker with Alon Wolf (founder of Magico) on May 27th. Looking forward to that.
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