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I have a pair of Magnepan 3.7i speakers but haven't heard them with the Premier 140. As long as your amp is configured to drive 4 ohms (I think that's the default transformer setup with other values on request) it should drive the Maggies fine within expected volume limitations. I would expect it to play well at reasonable volume levels but if you like to listen at very high levels I think you'd be better suited with a more powerful amp. The Premier 140 is a fine amp and would expect it to sound superb with the 3.7i speakers as long as you don't push it beyond its available power. The Maggies do really open up when being driven with much more powerful amps but can sound fine within a smaller amp's limitations on ultimate volume. There is really no substitute for trying it in your own system. Since it appears that you can't get the Maggies for an in home audition with your Premier 140, is there any way you could bring your amp to the Magneplanar dealer to audition the combo in their store? I think you would be well advised to do so. Hope this helps!
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