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Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
Toga did you disappear?
Well, I am here.
I got lost in AA and forgot where I was,
Just this week. I got a chance to try Pandora in my system once again.
This time in a much better set up than last time in 2013.
Kubala Elation power cords feed Pandora.
Source were Accuphase 900 with Purist Dominus XLR into Pandora.
From Pandora , Stage 3 Gryphon XLR into Mephisto.
Speakers were Magico Q7.

This is the quietest preamp I ever heard. Just slight constant noise out of tweeter. Much quieter
Than from Pass XS Pre in similar environment.
It took 1 hours to warmed up. But they were never been warm to the touch.

Pandora was very accurate and neutral. From lowest bass to top treble, very smooth sounding.
Midrange was not that rich and bold as some tubes do.
Overall I liked it a lot. But I like more when using Burmester preamp into Mephisto.
More richness in the mid band.

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