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Originally Posted by Ritmo View Post
Congrats Pampero! Nice speakers!
Thanks, I'm looking forward to getting them.

Originally Posted by Mikado463 View Post
Very nice Pamper, what will you be driving your Salon's with......oh yeah and welcome to the fold as well !
I'm pondering that now. MC452 and C52 are strong contenders within my budget and would also be my first McIntosh equipment in a lifetime spent avoiding the line for no good reason. I'm sure that would be a good way to go because of the Revel's thirst for power, but I'm open to other ideas and have considered Parasound and Bryston. I'm leaning to the Mac if for no other reason than it would be a new experience for me and I believe that the 452 will swing the volts needed within my wife's tolerance range. No tubes being considered for now, otherwise open to all the options. This system is starting out fresh as I have no holdover equipment from my last binge so apart from money, there are no constraints in respect to the synergy I'd like to create.

By the way, it's Pampero (a favorite rum, no deeper meaning) It needs that final "o" to avoid humiliation at the baby changing table!

But you can call me Lew.

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