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Originally Posted by Beavis View Post
I had the Aurieges line stage and moved up to the Monbrison due to its MM and MC capabilities.

The Monbrison is a world class preamp and I do love it so...but, there are times when I recall many blissful hours with the little Aurieges. If I had the disposable income I think I'd buy a used Aureiges just in case something were to go wrong with the Monbrison. To be without the Shindo sound even for a short time is not an attractive possibility.

Anyone in the market for a preamp near the price of the Aurieges would be crazy to ignore that gem. The Aurieges got me hooked on the Shindo sound and now there is no turning back....
I also went from Auriges-L to Monbrison because I wanted the phono stage. But it was not because I could find any faults with the Auriges. Having said that, I am also extremely happy with the Monbrison and I don't see myself going back. Although, like you, I do wish I had kept my little Auriges just in case.

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