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Originally Posted by AudioKiwi View Post
The Aurieges sits right on the perfect "money spent vs happiness" intersection. As you go up the Shindo pre-amps the sound quality rises but not as steeply as the price does - depending on your income your move up the Shindo line can actually result in "negative happiness growth" which can be very unpleasant.

I have the Aurieges and Masseto and in some ways I like the Aurieges better. The Aurieges does not focus on any part of the music but rather presents it as a whole and as such is very easy and relaxing to listen to. The Masseto is a bit more revealing and darker, but it can lead you to focus on individual sounds within the music and encourages "critical listening" (critical listening will ultimately kill any enjoyment you get from music - it is ok some of the time but not all of the time).

The Masseto is a hot date with a beautiful woman, the Aureiges is a few beers with your best mate. The Masseto is the better pre-amp but in a funny way sometimes not as enjoyable.
Beautifully put.
You can spend more money, but that doesn't always guarantee greater musical satisfaction.
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