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Originally Posted by jpgr4blu View Post
Just auditioned Momentum monos, Lamm 1.2s and VTL 400 monos with Sashas at Innovative Audio in NYC. Momentums were overall the best ss amps I have ever heard for all listening purposes. Will have to audition Momentums and Lamms at my home w Sashas and Ref 40 pre. Lamms have more of a characteristic sound (warm, full but transparent) which may mate better with Ref 40 and Sashas, but Momentums were paragons of power, neutrality with just a hint of sweetness formerly unknown to me in a purely ss amp. They excel in every way and will be hard to beat. Will probably keep my Ref 150 amp which I also love and alternate with Dag (stereo version maybe later to be mono) or Lamm. Easily prefer Ref 150 over VTL 400s. More transparent and better extension. In home listening tests probably a few months away.
I have gotten the chance to hear the Momentums on the Sashas...and they sounded very good as a my system...KX-R/Sashas...the Ref 250s came out on top for me...I can see the Momentums being good choices as well...but there are some moments of magic that the 250s/Sasha's create especially with high Rez recordings that the Dag's just couldn't match. I would seriously consider keeping the 150 or consider the 250s if you need a little more solidity and slam to the lower octaves....actually I was surprised at how the 250s improved the upper registers as well. I did keep the 150 which i bought before 250s were out...but it's now paired with Duettes at my cabin with theRef 40 about to join them

I will say that all the combos you are trying with the Sashas should give you an awesome experience...can't go wrong...just hard to pick a flavor
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