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Default Another week, much better breaking in. Changed some

After 200 hours, the PATH Audio resistors seem more fully broken in. And sound better than previously.
With that, I decided to do a combo setup of one 3.9 ohm Duelund CAST with two PATH Audio 3.9 ohm resistors, and use the PATH audio 39 ohm 'trim' resistor (I would have also switched to try a 50 ohm trim, but then that would not be broken in... SO I am going to wait a week for that adjustment and experience)
Since all the resistors I did the merge with are broken in.. I feel confident the sound is as it will be.
The great part of the Duelund CAST were the glorious quality of the highs. and detail. The downside a slight tilt to the treble, with stronger upper mids and treble than midrange. Slight, but noticeable.
The PATH Audio resistors, after break in, pretty good balance. but not the glorious sense in the treble.
SO I was hoping for both ! combining the two types.

The sound is good. clear, precise. immediate. great hard edges, no slop. Good detail in the edges and HF.

I wonder it using one Duelund CAST and one PATH Audio could also have the positive results? But I am not willing to play with that at the moment.
(though I have some 2.5 ohm PATH and 2.7ohm Duelund which would also be 1.3 ohms, adding some trim and right in the ballpark.)

I think I have arrived at the final destination.
The only thing for myself to still experiment is to try a 100 ohm trim, upping the resistance from 1.258 to 1.283 ohms. And see what the combo I am using sounds like with no trim (1.3 ohms)

And just in time.. I am getting a pile of Butcher Block Acoustics Slabs arriving in the next few days. All Walnut. to see if I like them under equipment. Some roller block stuff is also coming, but not as soon.
I know I have not heard much from different underpinnings in the past. I am hoping the upgrades over the past year will change that.

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