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Never give me too much time to think about something.

Since Iím having another 2 dedicated 20 amp circuits installed (and a whole house surge protector), I could take the Denali 6000 V2 out of the rack and run everything straight out of the wall.

Of course, if I did that Iíd need two or three new power cords with integral NR for the dCS stack, and would no longer need the Omega XC I already bought; given Shunyataís production schedule, it might not yet be under construction though...

So, thinking aloud, I sell off the Denali 6000V2, two of the Stealth cords on the dCS stack, and turn that bankroll into one or two more Sigma V2 NR cables. I just bought the Dream V18 (digital), so Iím reluctant to take a big loss on resale before Iíve amortized it. Same is true for the Dream V18 (analogue) on the preamp.

I could then ask my dealer to switch the order for the Omega XC to an Omega QR-s if thatís possible at this point. Iíd pay the full price differential; my dealer has been very patient with me and I donít wanna wear out my welcome. Thatíd handle one of the components in the dCS stack. Iíd then only need one Sigma V2 NR.

I gotta do the math later today but this might be close to a net zero upgrade for me.

Sell off the Denali and a Stealth Dream V12 (2m) and Dream V10 (1.2m)
Get the Omega-XC Iíve already bought changed to an Omega QR-s (probably for the DAC)
Keep the Dream V18 digital (probably for the Upsampler)
Buy a Sigma V2 NR (probably for the clock)

This would achieve balance, symmetry and synergy on the rack as well - two components per shelf.

Something pleasant to ponder today.
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