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Default No worries mate

Originally Posted by Antonmb View Post
Serge, certainly a healthy approach if you can no longer hear the difference or it’s not worth it to you. By the way, “profound” would not be my choice of words. I experienced a positive difference which was worth the investment, but not “profound.”

Probably best to let Mitch’s thread get back on track, my apologies for derailing it a bit. Be glad to continue the dialog with you offline via pm.
Anton—no worries over the subject matter on this thread broadening into other issues...I really appreciate the experience of others.

I can be mildly obsessive in stuff now since I’m retired and made some good financial decisions throughout my life. Guitars, Murano glass, world travel for photography, and the latest, an orchid garden. This is the only window in my house that gets an appreciable amount of direct sunlight - the main axis of the house runs almost due East, and orchids thrive in that position. My GF is an orchid whisperer and has around 20 in her house, and gifted me the ones I have now.

I might build a stand the width of the window and ditch the individual pedestals, but for now I just water them once a week, talk to them nicely, and feed them a steady diet of high quality tunes...I guess I need to work some classical into the playlist...

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