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Originally Posted by Robert_Anderson View Post
Forgive the late response. I have, I believe, a KGST. I went to Iceland about 3 or 4 years ago for sight-seeing and the idea that we may actually meet. It turns out we did, and I got to hear his system and his many amps and headphone combinations. I bought the amp from him, basically with my unspent vacation money; he then had to configure the voltage and ship it to my house. Since I am hardly ever home, I think I spent an hour at most listening with the older SR-009's, HE 60's, original Omegas, and 507's. It sounded great, but I had nothing to compare it to, and the tubes were certainly not burned in properly. I hope to get it out here on my next trip home.

My SOTA is an original Star Sapphire that a friend (actually more of a mentor and my dad's collegiate best friend) are working to restore and improve as a joint project.

Sweet! The KGST is a very nice amp indeed. It's matched/voiced beautifully to the 009 and L700. Should be great for the 009S as well, though I sold my KGST before the 009S came out. The BHSE will certainly exceed it, but the KGST is a standout in its price range, especially if you prefer the tube amps like I do. I remember preferring the RCA tubes to GE (not too many tube-rolling options on that amp's tube type, though).

Nice that you're resorting the SOTA, too. They certainly give a lot back with some TLC every few decades.
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