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Originally Posted by johndoe21ro View Post
I've recently moved from VK-600SE to VK-655SE... Photos coming up soon!


Amp: BAT VK-655SE

Pre-amp/Digital: exaSound e32 w UpTone JS-2 Linear Power Supply; Mac Mini w UpTone DC Conversion Kit & Samsung 860EVO 1TB SSD; Squeezelite w Logitech Media Server 7.9.0

Speakers: Triangle Magellan Cello II

Cables: AudioQuest WEL XLR 72v DBS, AudioQuest Everest DBS 72V, AudioQuest Hurricane High Current 72V DBS, AudioQuest NRG-1000 72V DBS, AudioQuest Diamond USB 72V DBS, UpTone ISORegen w LPS1.2 & USPCB A>B Adapter

Rack: Solid Tech Hybrid

Tweaks: Stillpoints Ultra SS, Omicron Stabilizzatore Armonico & Gold Evolution SE; IsoTek Sigmas GII w Optimum EVO3; Furutech FT-SWS (R) AC Outlet; HiFi Tuning Supreme 3

*perk* Let’s see ‘em!!
Randy (1158) - Wilson Sophia 2; BAT VK-600SE, BAT VK-52SE, Esoteric K-01; JL Audio F113 x3; Sound Anchor Stands; Exact Power EP-15 and SP-15; Oppo BDP-83 SE; Bryston SP3; Emotiva MPS-1; Sony VPL-VW285ES 4K front projector; 92" Stewart Firehawk; Rocket 200, 300, 750; ASC Tube Traps; WireWorld Silver Electra 5^2 PC's, Silver Eclipse 6 IC's and Silver Eclipse 6 SC's; Shunyata Sigma HC (x2) amp to wall; Shunyata Hydra 6/Black Mamba CX-HC and Shunyata MPC-12/Venom HC power distribution and conditioning; Stillpoints Ultra 5, Ultra SS and Mini isolation; Clearaudio Concept (MC) turntable; PS Audio GCPH phono stage; Bryston 10B-SUB active cross-over; Sonos streaming; W4S Remedy upsample and clock; Silenzio media server; WireWorld Platinum Starlight USB.
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