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Again, thank you all for your opinions and insight. I have a few questions. Regarding the goldenear Triton 1 R's, What percentage would you put on these in terms of being equal to the the reference. I read the reviews and what people write about them in the forums and I get the impression they are 95 percent the equal of the references and 3 grand cheaper. What percentage would you put it at? Can you sit 8 feet away from the 1 r's and feel a punch in the gut at loud volumes? Obviously the bass on the reference will win out every time. Leaving base aside, how close are the r 1's to the big Daddy's?
Regarding focal, how would you compare the Kanta 3's which are cheaper than the sopra 2 's and a more recent model with bigger woofers? Do these speakers play Big?
On a completely separate matter, h0w do you all feel about buying speakers from DIY companies like salk and teketon? If something goes wrong I guess you have to package it up and send it back to them. And for me there would be the border stop as I'm in Canada and then off to the company. You can't get your dealer to send it back or take it as it would have to go back to where it came from sent from your home. I don't know, is that risky business for the owner?
Thank you for reading.
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