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Terry - will do. Plan is to get ammo testing done this week (waiting the arrival of new rings as the ones shown are too high for optimum cheek-weld). First match is the 1st Sunday in May.

Originally Posted by Mikado463 View Post
Cool rig Glenn ! Have you ever done the 'Rimfire Challenge' ? Oxford has a match once a month, I'm afraid to go and checkout it out for fear that I'll get 'hooked ' !
Dave - have not done so. Tell me more and we should plan to shoot it in August or October (or other months, depending on dates). Will be shooting the .22BPCRA nationals at Raton, NM July 1-3. Always a fun venue.

Nice thing about .22RF competition is a competitive rifle/scope costs about the same as a good pair of XLR ICs. And, you generally only own one as opposed to 3 or more sets of ICs (though............ who only owns one of anything that we enjoy? ).

Edit: Got the lower rings and everything sighted-in. But, last Sunday was rained out and same again today for our high power match. May have to shoot our weekly benchrest league just to get some rounds down the barrel.
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