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Been 'out of it' since some health issues caught up with me in May '17. All taken care of except old-age. Only one way that ends. My days with high power and BP are finished, but still enjoy our local .22 rimfire matches. We shoot a 60-animal silhouette match out to 200m. Off-hand at chickens (50m), any-position with no artificial support (elbows are good) at prairie dogs (75m), any position with crossed-sticks for pigs (100m), turkeys (150m) & rams (200m). Any safe rifle & sights are the deal and the range record is 56/60. I've been pedaling a CZ-452 American for the last year, but working the bolt spoils one's position each shot. So, ordered up a Kidd 10/22 and Boyd's stock. Kidd has a great rep in .22LR circles, so hope it is at least as accurate as the CZ-452, which was very competitive. No longer need to cycle the bolt. 6.5-20X-44mm side-focus Leupold on top. Went with a bit of 'bling' with the fluted barrel & muzzle brake. Should be great fun.

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