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Originally Posted by nabcs View Post
It is a mystery to me when some of you say that Persona 9H is a bright speaker. It is true that mine are powered by a SET 845 Tube Amp, but I can say that they are not bright...the sound is transparent, but free from fatigue with a fantastic midband !!
We Iíll hear differently. Everyone I know who is hurt them feel that they are bright and harsh on top. So I know Iím not the only one. Iíve heard them in a few dealer show rooms with various pieces of equipment. Paradigm is also known to have bright speakers. But to some thatís the a Luer. I own a pair of inexpensive ones that my daughter uses at school along with the paradigms subwoofer that they love for their rap music and rock.

When you put them up against a Vandersteen Quattro or many other speakers in the 14-35k range I personally feel they donít measure up at all. Again, my view and others I am close with who have heard them. We all listen differently as we own Vandys, Magicos, Wilson, Verity, Audio Physics and Zou Audio speakers.

Also one high end horn system. I was with a very high end dealer two months ago who felt even stronger than I do about them. All the matters is that you and the other owners love them in your systems. I personally never mind when others donít like what I own. Happens plenty. Plenty of great options for all.
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