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Default Equinox 8 XLR Interconnects

I see most posts about Eclipse/Silver Eclipse and above in the product line, but not too much on the middle range products and lower like the Equinox 8. Are these worth the cost/a good cable, or is sticking with this model a trade off for more basic cables at a much lower price from other manufacturers? I ordered today a MC8207 and MX122 (posted in the home theater thread I started) and am looking now to get the cables in line. The dealer was pushing 1.5m Tributaries Series 6 that they sell (do not have WW to compare). While he made me a pretty good offer for the 7 cables I would need, I was kind of heart set on WW since it is most of the talk on this site for cables, and I don't hear ANY complaints. I want a good cable, but do not personally want cables that end up costing half as much or more than the gear I purchased. WW pretty much starts doubling price in Eclipse and on, so thought the Equinox 8 would be a good place to start

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