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Can you do HT pass through with this preamp?

I really like this unit, and it is probably the nicest looking pre amp out there !!

2 Channel:
Speakers: Magico M3's
Subs: REL 25 x 2
Amps: McIntosh 601 x 2
Preamp: McIntosh C52
Digital: Esoteric D02x; Esoteric P02x; Aurender W20
Analog: Clearaudio Master Innovation with 12 inch Universal Tonearm and Goldfinger statement cart; Esoteric E-03 phono stage
Power: 3 Furutech GTX-D (R) receptacles with wall plates; Torus AVR20 power conditioner; Wireworld Silver Electra PC's
Rack: HRS SXR Signature with M3X

Home Theater:^^ +

Processor: Anthem AVM 60
Center, Rears, and mids speakers: B&W HTM1; B&W CM6 x 2 and B&W CCM 662 x 2; WW cabling
Subs: JL Audio F113v2 X4
Amp: McIntosh 8207
Source: OPPO 205
Output: Sony VPL-VW675ES projector on SI 132 in zero edge screen with LED Backlight

Room treatments: Vicoustics
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