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Originally Posted by TWK View Post
I have one of these in a second system. When they were made, the price tag was very high for a receiver. Apparently, Denon's marketing looked at separates because they were at a price point where they could do so, but their research indicated that the market wanted a one box receiver.

I want to repurpose mine for HT and use an Oppo 103 or 105 as a source.

Does anyone know if the 5800 is stable with a 4 ohm load? It is rated at 6 ohms but not 4. I normally would not worry because I do not drive 2 channel that hard, but this is for theater and that tends to be more demanding.
Totally stable at 4 ohms.... I ran it for years (and at high HT Volume) with my 4 ohm M&K S150/ss150 setup in 7.1. I still have the M&K's too. They are running a HT with a Denon AVR-4311ci and they continue to do a great job.

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