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Default High end finish Stereo cabinetry?

Built in cabinets have their ups and downs. Aesthetically it will blend in, and acoustically the gear is recessed. You want to consider the cable runs for equipment placement to keep power isolated from interconnects and speaker cables, it does make a lot of work and very time consuming at first pulling gear, but this goes quicker as you learn. And at least for me, I like to see my equipment from the sweet spot and the cabinets afford this. Power and interconnect cable is also less expensive. Treatment over the TV will need to be addressed at some point, but that can come later. Good luck!

Weird Cuba brings up an extremely valid point; Heat. If your building make the cabinets as big as possible. I put a fan system in with a thermostat for when it reaches 92 degrees the fans kick on low speed. The design I mention is for solid state amps.

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