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Originally Posted by Sharp 1080 View Post

I am pretty sure you have an enormous smile on your face? I can imagine in my mind how good it must sound with the addition of the Transparent G5 cabling. Prepare to be amazed at the change. I am curious as to what you are hearing? Congratulations on the useful addition.
Vern, how long did it take to break-in Your TA Reference G5 cable before they started sounding properly?

The problem is that my Ultras G5 sounded much better then Reference G5 (just out from the box it sounded terrible, it sounds like somebody put an curtain over the soundstage), now I have break them in for 16 hours. But still I am not satisfied with the sound (Ultra had tighter bass, more air and more detailed sound I have owned them for almost for 2 years in my setup).
Analog: McIntosh MT10 with SME V tonearm and Van den Hull Colibri XGP Gold MC cartridge which is paired with McIntosh MP1100 phonopreamp;
Digital:modified Mac mini as Roon server with Uptone JS-2 Linear Power Supply which is connected to Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB with Curious USB cable and then by Transparent Audio 110ohm Premium AES/EBU cable to Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference series 2;
BD/SACD/CD player OPPO 205 (which also works as home theatre processor),
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Power unit: Nordost QBase Qb8 Mark II, QKore 6 earth unit
Audio Cables: Transparent Audio G5 Reference SC and balanced IC, the rest are all G5 Ultra
Power Cables: OMVLabs, Nordost

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