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My experience with Wilson have been with VTL and McIntosh.

My first set of Wilsons were Sophia 1s initially powered by VTL ST-85 (tubes) with a SS pre-amp. That was then upgraded to a VTL ST-150 amp, with the VTL TL-5.5 pre-amp. This was my main front end for many years and was incredibly satisfying.

Due to conveniences with the family and integration into my home theater system in the main room, I eventually sold of the tubes (both the amp and pre-amp) and went with a McIntosh SS amp running the Sophias (using a pre-pro).

I found myself becoming much less emotionally involved with music with this set up.

I then upgraded to Wilson MAXX 2s using the same electronics. It was a major improvement, but I still missed the "beautifulness of music", if that makes sense.

I changed my front end electronics back to VTL, this time with a S-400 amp and TL6.5 pre-amp. Now all that musical bliss is back!
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