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Default Progression monos and preamp joined my setup

Originally Posted by 2fastdriving View Post
WA is often paired with VTL and doshi tube amps with great results.
You beat me to it. The first real good demo that I heard XLF's on were the big VTL's. Dire Straits was the featured group. It sounded so good! Before I bought the Dan D'Agostino Progression I borrowed a pair of ARC Reference 250 SE monoblocks. You definitely get soundstaging and depth and great sonics from those ARC amps. I could have lived with them except when it's time to retube them both!
Source Esoteric K-01X
Preamp Audio Research REF 10
Amplifier D'Agostino Progression monoblocks
Speakers Wilson Audio Maxx 3
Cables Transparent Reference Gen 5
Equipment rack and amp stands HRS
Power conditioning Transparent
Power outlets GTX-D(G) Gold-Plated duplex receptacles dedicated 20 amp lines.

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