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Default MR88 and Sirius Radio

Hi all,

I have been enjoying my MR88 for a couple of weeks now, getting so many FM/HD channels!
I do want to start using Sirius (to take a break from commercials!) but I can not figure out what is required in order to make it work.
I called Sirius but it seems that they don't understand what it means to have a tuner which has XM capabilities. From what I have gathered, I need to buy a radio transmitter from them which according to the manual connects to the MR88.

A couple of questions:

1. The Radios on their website look like standalone units, basically replacing the need for the MR88. I don't a radio to get Sirius, I want my MR88 to control it. I also don;t want to listen through their app.

2. The connection on the MR88 does not look familiar and looking at the pictures on Sirius website, does not look like their radios have it.

Anyway, a bit confused on how to get it to work and appreciate any advice.

Thank you!
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