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The main one is that he complains that the Spirits are not as revealing on the high end as the Von Schweikert VR-55 Aktive, where I personally have found the VR-55 to be a bit harsh and bright. Not MBL Radialstrahler bright, but still unpleasantly "tizzy" on the high end.

To me at least the G1 Spirit sounds natural and pleasant, revealing all the detail without being fatiguing or in any way painful up top. There always seem to be arguments about this sort of thing; I also find B&Ws with their diamond tweeters to be too shrill up top, but Focal's tweeters in their Maestro Utopia Evo and the new Beryllium tweeters in the new Revel PerformaBe F228Be seem just right.

The amps the reviewer had on hand were a variety of models that can be a little rolled off up top themselves (except for some Pass amps) and so I wonder if they were just a more synergistic match with the VR-55s with their nature taming the top end and as a result sounding a little dull on the (IMHO more accurate) G1 Spirits.
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