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Originally Posted by joel_hifi View Post
Serge, thanks for sharing this video, Iím also a Harbeth fan

I have a pair of 30.1 35th in the 2nd system, sitting distance 7í, very good match with my PrimaLuna Dialogue Two (now in the 3rd system with my older SF Cremonas).

The P3ESR are rated 83.5dB vs 85dB for the 30.1s but then your PL HP is 2x70W in UL vs my D2 which is 2x38W UL.

I guess it should be a pretty fine/musical combination and plenty power even in a bigger room.
Joel, I am currently using the Dialogue HP for my Harbeth 30.2 anniversary models. It is plenty of power in UL and I typically listen in Triode mode at 35w. My room is definitely not small! It is 30x30 feet.

I never feel that I am running out of power. I also have the Luxman 590AXII MKII which is 30w into 8 and 60w into 4 ohms in pure Class A but can peak into the 170w if need be as it leaves Class A biasing. Neither amp struggles at all.

The P3 would be placed with the Dialogue HP into a much smaller room so it obviously would be even easier for it.

It is something I have in mind as a project so it may materialize unless something else comes up.
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