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The problem here is that one cannot just "turn off the subs" for Audyssey calibration and then turn them back on again.
1. If you have them physically connected when you run Audyssey calibrations, Audyssey will calibrate them and there are no options to defeat the sub EQ and keep the EQ for the other speakers, regardless of whether they are set small or large.
2. If you have them physically disconnected when you run Audyssey calibrations, the subs will, of course, not be calibrated. However, when you change the basic speaker configuration by adding the subs, most devices I have used (AVRs and prepros) will not retain/apply the EQ for the old configuration and you will lose EQ for the main channels, regardless of what you do for the subs.

So, because the JL EQ is downstream of Audyssey and cannot account for it while the upstream Audyssey automatically accounts for the downstream JL-eq, it seems the only logical option is to run JL-eq first.

BTW, there are other options when it comes to using JL with Dirac-Live.
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